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Professional Virtual Assistant services in South Africa

The Elated Assistant

The Elated Assistant is a site that offers Virtual Assistant services. 

The design is minimalist and bright to portray professionalism and clarity.

This is a WooCommerce site with nine pages and four products.

Overcome Alcohol Addiction and Move Beyond Recovery

Beyond Alcohol Addiction

Rex Hillier is a Self-Development Guide. This site is aimed at people who are recovering from alcohol addiction and want to live a better life. The primary aim is to sell Rex’s counselling services and eBooks.

The design is bright with bold colours to be inspiring and uplifting. It is a six-page website and blog.

enhancing the lives of animals through ethical decisions

The Elated Vegan

The Elated Vegan strives to end the exploitation of farmed animals and help people live a joyful vegan life. The primary aim is to be a resource for vegan education.

The design uses bold colours to be uplifting and appealing.

The site has 162 posts and 32 pages.

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